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Explore the Flinders Ranges

You’ll be amazed when you explore the Flinders Ranges. This region is famous for its old, red rocks, remarkable gorges and ridge tops.

Wait until you see it from above…

Ballooning, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Take to the clear skies, up with the eagles and look down on this ancient land. It’s like you’re seeing the bones of the Australian continent.

Hot air balloon

Cool dawn air, the bright colours of sun-up and the sound of roaring burners: get ready for one of the finest outback experiences…

Help to inflate the balloon as the sun breaks over the horizon, then lift to a ceiling of 1300 metres (4000 feet) and drift across the dawn. Marvel at Wilpena Pound and the surrounding ranges as they change colour under the warming sun. After the flight, your pilot will provide a light breakfast and open a bottle of sparkling wine.

Balloon flights are offered by Outback Ballooning, which operates through Rawnsley Park Station.

Flight over the Flinders

The best way to appreciate the scale and grandeur of the Flinders Ranges is from a light aircraft. Your flight will last from 20 minutes to an hour. Start with the thrill of taking off on a dirt airstrip, quickly climbing to circle Wilpena Pound. Very Australian outback! See St Mary’s Peak and the towering rock ramparts. Climb a little higher to see the different ranges stretching off into the horizon. The extraordinary ridgelines resemble the backbones of sleeping dinosaurs or crocodiles.

A number of “flight-seeing” companies operate out of the airstrip close to Wilpena Pound Resort and the nearby small town of Hawker. 

Look down into Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Pound is the base of an ancient mountain, it measures over 17 kilometres (11 miles) across. From the ground, it looks like giant walls of rock, rising out of the desert plains. Climb Wilpena using one of the clearly marked trails. Some trails take as little as two hours. Take the six-hour climb to St Mary’s Peak, the highest part of Wilpena Pound at 1170 metres. It’s the most dramatic and most challenging.

Enjoy solace and a sense of adventure as you pass through eucalypt forests up towards the rocky rim (look out for wallabies and wedge-tailed eagles along the way). At the top, you get to see what’s inside the pound!

Trails lead from Wilpena Pound Resort and Rawnsley Park; professional guiding services are available. 

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